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Sold in just 4 days!

Esther’s property had been on the market for almost 400 days with another agent. And she had to waste thousands of dollars just for advertising fees. After more than a year of waiting, Esther switched agents and was so relieved when she signed up with Peter of Hayden Real Estate Ballarat. Without asking for any money upfront, Peter and his team worked really hard to sell Esther’s property. Esther couldn’t believe it when Peter sold her property just after 4 days in the market. The service and efforts that Peter and Haydens gave Esther were definitely worth the fee. Thank you, Esther, for sharing your story, so that others can learn from your experience.


Below we have included the extended transcript of our interview with Esther.

My name is Esther Gilad. My property was in Ballarat. I sold my property with Peter. I had my property with another agent since September 2015. If there will be a buyer who is interested to having a look at it, he will not get back to me how it went and it just goes on and on and on. The payment for the advertising kept on growing and growing and growing with the other agent. $1,250 for advertising, now it came to $2050.

After more than a year, I decided to find another real estate agent around the area. When I saw a sign saying ‘17 days, your property will be sold’, I said that this agency must have a technique, they must have a way in dealing with the buyers or sellers. How will  they be able to sell this property in 17 days? So I rang and I made an appointment to see someone.

I was happy to pay Hayden Real Estate because they got my property sold and having my property not sold, sitting there for how many days was a big worry that came off from my shoulder.

I find selling very stressful and I was so happy I was able to find a real estate agency where they straightaway looked into the market and they made a really good effort in the first day, because in 4 days, I signed the contract, that’s how I know,  straight away they went to work.

Yeah, I believe that for an agent to sell a property in Bel Aire really fast, they must have a technique. They have a way of dealing with buyers and they have a way of showing the property or how to deal with selling. The price that he quoted, I’m happy for it, as long as it gets sold.

But I’m happy, because more or less, I had a tenant and I didn’t lose much. Peter sold the property within 4 days. After nearly approximately 400 days in the market when I sold it with Peter, he sold it within 4 days.

We have to ask him that secret, how did he do it? Because I still can’t believe it. I still can’t believe it. He contacted a previous buyer and she got it. She bought it. With Hayden, I really don’t mind anymore how much I will pay as long as I get that property sold.

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