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Hayden’s guaranteed service: No Sale, No Pay

Working in the sales industry for 40 years, Tony knows how difficult it is when it comes to selling a property. He trusted Haydens not just because of their outstanding reputation, but because they offered a risk-free method. Since Tony was guaranteed of Haydens’ No Sale, No Pay policy, he felt very comfortable from the start. Tony was very impressed with Shane who took care of everything and sold his property in 17 days. Haydens may have a different way of selling, but Tony believes that it definitely is a better way. Thank you, Tony, for sharing your story, so that others can learn from your experience.


My name’s Tony. Shane came up, terrific guy, then he came up with his lovely wife. And, went from there. 17 days it took him and he said, “Look, I’ve got a couple of people” He had a couple in mind. But this particular one, as I understand it,  was pre-approved.

And also, he reckoned he was a bit of a prospect. You know, with all due respect to the other people that were interested. So, he went with us and all we’re doing is waiting for clearance on finance now.

I just went by their reputation. When I bought this house, which was 20 years ago, I went through another agent. Right? Didn’t impress me very much, you know. Then I got to hear of couple things about Haydens and I thought we’ll give it a go. When I talked to him, they came out and showed me what they do, how they do it.

They charge you a little bit more in regards to the fee. But, it includes all advertising, all their expenses, everything you know. If it doesn’t sell, you don’t pay. It’s as simple as that, you know. So, it’s a win-win.

You know, 20 years ago I had a lot of running around to do. A lot of finance, particularly financial. In those times it was about 17%, you know. So it was hard times. Yeah, but I did all right. I enjoyed it. At the time I did it. But, it wasn’t the same method that these people use. Nowhere near.

They give you an upfront fee price. They look after you. They come out and see you all the time. They keep in contact most of the time. Not making themselves a nuisance. But, they do keep you up like this is what’s happened, this is what’s happening. You know, they’re excellent, excellent.

What I don’t like about most real estate agents is the fact that they take the money and see you soon. That’s not the case of Haydens Real Estate. It’s not the same. Haydens only bring people in that they’ve qualified that are actual buyers. Not tyre kickers, or lookers, you know. Genuine buyers, that’s when they’re in it.

Without a doubt. Hayden Real Estate and Shane are the most professional. I’ve been in sales for 40 years and these are amongst the most professional people who I’ve come across. His wife is very good too as a backup service. Very, very good.

He knew that if that wasn’t achievable then I wouldn’t sell. When he took the people to the rear end of the house and discussed it, he then came down and said, right let’s make an acceptance. That was what I wanted. It was actually spot on. You know, I wouldn’t have gone under.

They give you a price which includes everything. Now, when you talk to people and listen to people that have dealt with other agents, they’re commission is lower. But their advertising goes on, it comes out the same.

They don’t charge any more than anybody else. They just do it a different way. That’s all. They do it in a better way. Definitely a better way. The property I’ve sold is in Beaufort, Victoria and the agent’s name is Shane.

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