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No money needed upfront and got $15,000 more

Rodney had been thinking of selling his property for a long time and had spoken to different agencies including Haydens. A year and a half later, Rodney was impressed when Hayden called and asked if he would still be interested in selling. Shelly promised Rodney the best possible price for his property and since there was no money needed upfront, Rodney was confident that he had nothing to lose. Shelly took him by surprise when she sold his property for $15,000 more than his asking price in less than 2 weeks. Rodney couldn’t be happier. Thank you, Rodney, for sharing your story, so that others can learn from your experience.


I had tried other real estates before. I already talked to others. And then the following day, I had already told Haydens that I’d been looking around. I talked to two others, I talked to Haydens, nearly a year and a half ago when I was first thinking about it. Haydens rang me up just out of the blue and said, “You’re still on our books, you interested?” I said, “Yeah, believe it or not.” And they virtually come up with what I wanted. Got me my price, with extra on the price, which covered their fee.

She virtually said, “Yes we can probably do that for you, not a problem.” I thought “Oh well and with their no fees up front and all the rest.” I thought well, I got nothing to lose. No fees upfront and if you’re not happy you can step away without costing you anything. They’re a little dear at the end, but you live with that depending on what you want, and if the results come, then you’re not gonna complain. They said I got the extra on top of what I wanted. And it covered their fee.

Ah, the reason I know I got a good price is I know I’m happy. I know what the market value was in the area. I’d done my research. Plus, as I said, “I put more on top of it and I got that.” So I go above the market value, so what you get above your market value, you got to be happy.

The other couple of things I needed, to see me through at my other end was Shelly getting out of her way to come in and explain everything. And she said, she’d offer the best possible price they could find out there. When they were going through the sales, they only brought people to my place who could afford what I was asking.

And then they went away with the person who came in at a low offer. But then eventually they convinced him to come up with my offer. Haydens got worked on because I was looking for a long-term and I wasn’t willing to settle unless I got my price. So they knew what I wanted. And they said they knew they could get what I wanted. So I was happy with Haydens how they went about doing it.

The selling price was $315,000. My asking price was around the $300,000 there. You can’t ask for much more than that. You can get your asking price and their fee. Haydens did more than what is required. The time it took to sell was less than two weeks. Okay, I was originally planning on getting a bridging loan, but after the quick sale of the house and all the rest has now saved me a bridging loan or any type of loan. And now, I don’t owe the bank anything.

The reason I was happy to pay Haydens extra because of what they offered me. It’s that term of no upfront fee and if you’re not satisfied you don’t have to pay anything. If they don’t get you your price, you can walk away and go okay, free advertising and it cost me nothing.

I am happy. And as I said, by putting their effort until the end, I was happy they could get their fee. And why not worry if it was an extra couple more percent and still got that extra couple of percent. Wouldn’t you still go, if they could come up with what you wanted?

It wasn’t just Shelly’s final selling point that got me, it was just that other couple things she put in there. And that long-term settlement, which got her over the line. Plus her sales pitch was the clincher. When I told her not to annoy me at first, she didn’t.

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