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Our mission:

To encourage responsible investing in property and to provide outstanding service to our property owners by protecting their investment, minimising their expenses and maximising their return.

Vital questions you should ask any property manager you are considering engaging:

  • Does your office open 7 days?
  • Is your office open until 7pm every day
  • Do you charge for advertising?
  • Does it cost money to put up and take down signs?
  • How do you attract prospective tenants?
  • How do you choose tenants?
  • Do you fully guarantee your service in writing?
  • How do I ensure my property is cared for?
  • Do you conduct regular internal and external inspections and if so, how often?
  • Do you supply written inspection reports?
  • Do you charge management fees if the tenant is in arrears?
  • Do you charge to prepare statements?
  • Do you charge for mail outs?
  • Do you have a handy-man on staff to attend to everyday maintenance and repairs free of charge?
  • Will you supply a list of references from landlords who currently have their property rented through you?
  • How many properties do you manage?
  • Who will I be dealing with? What are your qualifications and experience?


Company objectives:

Richard Hayden of Hayden Real Estate Ballarat is totally committed to customer service and innovative growth within our established company. Since our inception in the 1920’s, first class service has been our pledge to our clients. So much so, that we now guarantee it in writing.

We are dedicated to:

  • The insistence of professional integrity and technical ability for all personnel in order to provide the highest level of ethical service to our clients.
  • The development of professional service by keeping ahead of industry and legislative changes.


Property management objectives:

Our company has created an environment in which the Rental Department will flourish by ensuring that excellence in the management of investment property is the total responsibility and concern of every team member in the department.

We are dedicated to:

  • Providing property management expertise for our clients which will ensure the establishment of long term business relationships where the client comes first.
  • Ensuring growth of individual staff members by providing them with on-going training in every facet of real estate management.
  • Continuing to implement any relevant technological advances in order to provide our clients with advanced facilities for managing and maintaining their investments.


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