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I’m Megan. My name’s Dan. We sold through Hayden’s, Hayden’s Real Estate. The reason is because of reputation. I’d heard lots of really good things about Hayden’s, and they were pretty much our first point of contact when we started. After speaking with Peter, who was the agent, we decided to cancel our meetings with the other two real estates.

When Peter came in and met with us, he had a good two-hour meeting in the end, and he put through their marketing proposal. It was different to anything we had heard before. I had sold a house previously, year back, and we did try to sell our land a little while back, too. I’d never heard anything like what Pete put to us. It just sounded smarter. It sounded more tailored to what we needed. It was a bit more of a personal, private touch to it as well. That made us feel more confident and calm about the whole thing.

The one thing that I liked the most about their approach was instead of listening to what price you wanted to list your house at and then going, “All right, we’ll list it between it, so this low and this high, and eventually we’ll meet in the middle.” Pete just point blank said, “We’re going to list it at what you want, and our aim is to basically get people to offer you more.”

We did have to reduce the price once from what we wanted to, but to be fair, I think he let us go through the motions of wanting our dream price. With the way the market was at the time and with what we thought this house was compared to what other people would say it valued as … He let us just have that moment, and then he was very upfront, very quick to let us know we might just need to bring it down a bit. He managed to get us more than what we asked for.

I was amazed. I’ll admit, I was sort of dubious to that process, and I thought, I don’t know. It was fantastic. The other thing that Hayden’s did is they got all their agents working together and communicated between each other a lot better. It was actually not Peter in the end who brought our buys through. It was another one of their agents even though Pete worked closely after that. Pretty much with these people coming in, we had an offer that day. It was quite exciting.

It was a month. It was instant. Pete called us the night before we ended up selling and calmly explained. It was literally that next day. It was Leon, the other agent who works for Hayden’s, came in with this young family. We had an offer within a couple of hours, and we didn’t have to come back with any counter offers. We were happy to take that. It was more than what we thought we were going to get.

It wasn’t as simple as it’s just not going to sell, and we need to reduce the price. He made us very confident that he could still get us more than that. Pete’s strategy was we need to find that perfect, sweet spot price that we know we can climb up from.

Exactly. It wasn’t a matter of us reducing the price because we knew we could get it for less. It was we knew we needed to get to that sweet spot that gave the buyers confidence to start going up.
I believe that Hayden’s negotiating skills are really good. They want to get the best price for you. They want to keep you happy, I suppose.

As I said in the past, I’ve sold a house in a previous relationship, and we did try to sell our land probably a year ago before we decided let’s sell the house instead and totally different experience to the point where the agent who we went through to sell the land … We gave him really negative feedback because of that reason. They just wanted to sell it for them. They wanted the listing for them. They didn’t care about what we sold it for. They just wanted to keep reducing the price, and when they weren’t getting any nibbles or interest or any communication from possible buyers, we never heard from them. It went on, I reckon, six months. We just didn’t hear from them. With Hayden’s, we heard from Pete nearly daily, not to the point where it was annoying at all. I really appreciated it. It’s a big thing to sell your house. It’s scary, and it’s stressful. We always got that little confidence boost that we needed. We had someone wanting to view our house weekly. Pete had two prospective buyers lined up to view our house before we’d even signed the contract to sell with Hayden’s. They already knew of people.

What does that tell you about Hayden’s database of buyers and keeping in contact with their buyers? A lot of agents actually want you to fork out thousands of dollars of advertising to find those same buyers that they’ve already got on their books.

That was another reason why we chose to go through Hayden’s as well. They were really upfront with you pay once-off fee for your marketing. There’s nothing else after that. It’s not going to keep rolling over it. You’re not going to have to keep topping it up. One of the things we mentioned is we weren’t so keen to put our house in the newspaper. I don’t know why. We just felt like it’s a bit of an ancient … It doesn’t get the views anymore. Up front, Peter was very honest, he said he didn’t even think it was worth it. He didn’t even want us to even try that.

He believed that with the way that they advertise they have a good strategy to get people curious. The way that they advertise, I think one of the things that I’ve found really interesting was that they don’t actually list your address. All they’ll do is list the suburb. They’ll list the exact price you want to sell it for, and they basically say, you need to contact the agent in order to get the remainder of the information. Right there and then, they’ve already got someone that they can try and talk into coming and viewing a house and trying to establish if they’re qualified to buy it, see where they’re out, also a way of weeding out the Looky Lou’s, which we did not want.

That’s one thing. We liked to be at home. They didn’t have open houses. We didn’t want to have open houses. They just got through qualified buyers and ended up selling the place. Open houses scares us. The idea of strangers coming through, sussing out your house, sussing out your furniture. As I said, you just kind of hope and guarantee that that person is one hundred percent serious about buying a house. You just never know. It could be someone …

Scoping out the place basically wanting to steal your furniture, break-in, everything. Open houses did scare us. We were open to eventually doing them if the time came and we felt it needed to happen, but Peter was really respectful and sort of understanding about that and did not push it at all.

Hayden Real Estate are definitely expert negotiators. Pete, he negotiated us just to use us as an agent. I remember when he walked out after he met with us, I turned to Dan, and I go, “He’s ballsy.” He sold us on using him. I had all the confidence in the world that he was going to be able to sell our house to the qualified buyer.

I knew he was very confident.

He was confident. We also mentioned we were going to meet with two other agents after him in the upcoming days. He explained to us the way they were going to market their approach to us, and he explained how they advertise houses. He even showed us some examples, which we took on board and true to form, he tried to get us sign the contract to set them up as the agent straight away. I thought, no, no I’m going to our guns. We’ll meet with these other ones. He basically … I can’t repeat the exact phrases, but for more or less, he basically made us completely question why we were even bothering to meet with these other agents, and I thought wow, you’ve … I’m pretty stern, and Dan … We know what we want, and we don’t’ want to be pushed into things and pressured into things, and I’m not saying we were, but he convinced us without us having to meet with any other agents, that it’s just not worth meeting with them.

He pushed you in a good sort of way, not in a bad sort of way.

I’m just going to ask you one last question. Rewind all the way back to before you’re selling. I just want to know and get to your feelings about the whole process, just in general, and about how much of a daunting process it is. You mentioned before about different inspections being scary. How did you feel about the prospect and the concept of selling your property when you’ve got a little one running around and all that kind of thing … it’s a bit of a destruction to your life. What were you feeling before you went through the whole process?

Selling a house and having a baby all at the same time, it did scare me a lot. I panicked and thought, how am I going to go around this, how am I going to fit in these naps. I don’t want to scare buyers off if I’m basically saying, oh no you can’t come and view our house now. Will they just walk away and throw their hands up and act frustrated? Pete and Hayden’s … All the agents from Hayden’s were very respectful of our time constraints and the times that were most suitable for us to basically clear our little boy out and have the house open. It was never an issue. We would get a quick phone call. Is it okay if we show someone at this time? Most of the time, it was okay. There were a couple times where I had to explain, no, unfortunately it’s probably not the best time. Very respectful of it.

Really understanding.

Very, very understanding. No second questioning there at all.

What I would say to any person who would be more enticed by a lower fee from another agent is it’s not worth almost the faceless relationship you’re going to have and knowing that they’re working to get your house sold for them versus getting your house sold for the price you want in the time frame you want within the means of how you want it done. We understood that the fee would be paying was lot more than maybe another agent, but there’s more to it than just the fee you’re going to pay. It’s the price you’re going to get from it. It’s the time frame you need to sell your house in. It’s basically the relationship you need to have with your agent and the confidence and peace of mind. That’s why I would definitely go with Hayden’s.

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