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What Police Think of Open For Inspections

As a police officer and former elected official, Des was wary of open houses and didn’t want to go with the typical real estate agent when it came to selling his house. Des knew that there will be a lot of tyre kickers and he wanted to make sure he only gets the genuine buyers. That is why he chose Peter of Hayden Real Estate. Des wanted something different, something smarter. And Des couldn’t be happier when Peter sold his property for a very high price more than even he thought was possible to achieve.Thank you, Des, for sharing your story, so that others can learn from your experience.

My name is Des Hudson. I’m a member of Victoria Police and I’m also an elected member for the City of Ballarat. A couple of years ago, I was the Mayor of our great city and have been Deputy Mayor three times. I just love my contribution.

We wanted to sell our property. We wanted it to be sold. We wanted someone to treat it professionally. We wanted to not waste our time. We wanted to work smarter not longer. Given my profession as a member of Victoria Police, I’m very keen on crime prevention.

You don’t want people coming through your house opening up for anybody who comes through. It’s that safeguard in your own family. That little bit of an amenity that you’re after, so therefore, for us it was about choosing something that was different instead of the regular product. You don’t know the intention of the bonafide of people.

I guess we’ve also done the same when we’re not genuine buyers. So, with open houses, that’s what you can’t control. It’s the real estate agent standing out front with the clipboard saying ‘Hey, what’s your name, give us a phone number.’ You don’t even have to give your true phone number. And away you go, walk through people’s houses.


That was something that we were very hesitant towards and want to look at something that was a little bit different. I don’t like that notion that people can just come through your property at will whether they come back later thinking, gee, not a bad DVD player, not a bad TV. You’ve just gotta be wary of who’s coming through your house in 2018.

Properties in and around this area have sat on the market for extended periods of time. We didn’t want that for us. Many of the other real estate agents do the same things. Their style is the same. They’ve all got their adverts in the Ballarat area. They’re all out doing open houses. If you would’ve thrown the dart at the dartboard you would have got one of them. We went for a product that we know was different, but we were up for that. We knew the system was gonna be different, and we were up for that.

Peter stepped us through looking at our property that we’re selling in this area for $250,000 to 270,000. Even $280,000 and that was where we were looking at, but we thought we were a little bit different to other properties, so I said $305,000 to $310,000 is where we want to be. Yes, that might be ambitious for the location. Yes, we might be totally out of our mind, but it only takes one buyer to come along who is interested in the property. Every person who came through was a potential buyer. Every person who came through was in a position to sign on a check.

Were you expecting to basically get the price that you were asking?

No. We would have had room to move. I would presume blind faith goes into these types of deals knowing that you’re gonna come down. You meet somewhere in the middle, and that’s where you end up. We didn’t. We virtually got the price that we were after. $310,0000 all but one dollar. So, we could not have been happier.


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