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What Police Think of Open For Inspections

As a police officer and former elected official, Des was wary of open houses and didn’t want to go with the typical real estate agent when it came to selling his house. Des knew that there will be a lot of tyre kickers and he wanted to make sure he only gets the genuine buyers. That is why he chose Peter of Hayden Real Estate.

sold in 4 days

Sold in just 4 days!

Esther’s property had been on the market for almost 400 days with another agent. And she had to waste thousands of dollars just for advertising fees. After more than a year of waiting, Esther, she switched agents and was so relieved when she signed up with Peter of Hayden Real Estate.

no sale no fee

Hayden’s guaranteed service: No Sale, No Pay

Working in the sales industry for 40 years, Tony knows how difficult it is when it comes to selling a property. He trusted Haydens not just because of their outstanding reputation, but because they offered a risk-free method.

no money upfront needed

Expert Negotiators

We sold through Hayden’s, Hayden’s Real Estate. The reason is because of reputation. I’d heard lots of really good things about Hayden’s, and they were pretty much our first point of contact when we started.

The Inside Secrets of Real Estate

Selling or Investing in Real Estate? Neil Jenman shows you how real estate consumers collectively lose millions of dollars each year. This seminar is essential viewing for home owners…

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